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Questing is the process that the Glade uses in order to allow you to build and grow your characters. Once characters reach the age of 2.5 years, the ability to quest and level will become available. Below that age, characters cannot complete quests or level(So that a 3 month old wolf can't take on a 3 year old wolf and win). To initiate a quest, simply post a new thread under Questing indicating in the title what quest line you intend to complete(such as "Eve: Quest Line 1- Arrival"), with a role play post putting your character in the vicinity of the NPC so that the NPC will notice them. Within 48 hours, the NPC account should reply, greeting you, going through whatever lore/story is needed, and giving you task(s) to complete. Role play as if you are doing so with another member's character, completing the tasks until the quest line is finished.

Basic Quest Lines

These quest lines have no particular skill set, and are just for your wolf to get acquainted with being a member or used to the area, and giving you enough levels to get started. These often aren't as fun as others. When you level up during these quests, you will be allowed to choose what skills increase.

Group Quest Lines

These quest lines require members to assemble a team of characters to accomplish a task that could not be done with just one wolf. Tasks such as fighting enemies, stalking prey, defending the pack, assisting NPC's in a tragedy, and more can be included in these quests. When you level up during these quests, you will be allowed to choose what skills increase. At the moment, no such quests exist, but will once there are more members.

Skill-Specific Quest Lines

These quest lines are for you to level up a specific skill. They often also give levels when completed, but the skill points you get to them go straight to the skill that you worked on during the quest. When starting on a skill, choose an easy quest for that skill. Then, as your wolf becomes more skilled in that area, harder quests will be available!

World Events

World events are also quests in a way, requiring all members to participate. World events will also be in the Quest area of the Role Play, but will be stickied. NPC's and members alike will participate in them, and once completed all members that participated will receive somewhere around 5 levels.

Can my character give out quests?

They sure can! In fact, my two characters are both Quest-Givers. To have your character become a quest giver, you have to put in an application describing the quest, letting us know if it is general or skill specific, etc. Quests made by normal members can only allow characters to go up by one level at a time, and only a few are accepted at a time.


Every few months or so, I plan on releasing quest expansions. At the moment, the only expansion is the basic quests from level 1-5. Once we get more members, more of this first expansion's quests will become available. 

In a few months time, the Glade's staff team will put together and release a new line of quests for members to complete. Once your Character has completed all available quests, they are just going to have to wait and role play in the normal member area until this happens. Quest Expansions will include a mix of basic quests, group quests, skill quests, and world events.

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